PHLOX II IC12 Ignition control units

PHLOX II IC12 for engines up to 12 cylinders

Engine efficiency and emissions depend significantly on the performance capability of the ignition system. This needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the relevant requirements of the engine, the current mode of operation and the fuel. The PHLOX II device is available for up to 16 cylinders, or up to 24 cylinders in master/slave operation, and thanks to its high ignition energy it is particularly well suited to all biogases and weak (low-calorific) gases. The ignition energy is then automatically adjusted for each cylinder to the relevant conditions in order to minimise spark plug wear.

PHLOX II: highest reliability with lowest costs
Long spark plug service life and reduced service outlay guarantees maximum reliability with the lowest possible costs. This is also ensured via the on-board diagnostic system, which continuously monitors the condition of the entire ignition system. A misfiring detection system and automatic detection of the trigger disc both come as standard. Parameter setting and diagnostics are easy to perform via the user-friendly and clearly laid out communication program DcDesk 2000.
With two CAN bus interfaces, PHLOX II is also well equipped in terms of communication options. This allows it to be perfectly integrated in the HEINZMANN engine management system. CANBus and Modbus (RS 485) interfaces are also available for integration into customer-specific control solutions.

PHLOX II offers the following:

  • Available for up to 24 cylinders
  • Particularly well suited to all biogases and weak (low-calorific) gases
  • Spark plug wear is automatically adjusted to the current conditions for each individual cylinder
  • long spark plug service life and reduced servicing outlay via system monitoring and on-board diagnostics
  • guaranteed highest reliability with lowest costs
  • CSA and CE certification
  • automatic trigger disc detection
  • expanded diagnostic functions
Technical data
  • Number of cylinders

    Up to 12

  • Voltage supply

    24 V (18 – 32 V)

  • Ambient temperature

    -40 °C to +95 °C

  • Speed range

    30 – 3000 rpm

  • Spark plug firing time

    300 – 600 μs

  • Ignition energy

    25 – 280 mJ (32 gradations)

  • Speed pickups

    1 – 2 (inductive or Hall sensor)

  • Analogue inputs

    1 (0 – 5V / 4 – 20mA)

  • Digital inputs / outputs

    2 (low / high side)

  • Communication / protocol

    SAEJ1939, CANopen, DeviceNet, ModBus

The software DcDesk 2000 is required for programming and for reading HEINZMANN devices. A hardware dongle is used to ensure that DcDesk 2000 can only access approved control unit types and approved software versions.


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