M Series

The M Series made of die-cast aluminium is a cost-effective alternative to the E Series. With 3 contacts it is suitable for many applications. Thanks to the large inspection glass, the oil level can also be visually monitored very easily, and the adjustment of the individual switching points is made much easier.

Series M21 / AF-125 – I
Featuring an analogue measuring transducer with a measuring range of 125 mm and a resolution of 10 mm. The measuring transducer has an output signal ranging from 4 – 20 mA and is mounted in a space-saving arrangement on the M21 housing. The cube plug can be rotated through 360° for easy electrical connection. Up to two digital level switches can also be mounted as an option.

  • M21/3-69 oil refilling system with 3 contacts and 4 m of cable
  • M21/2-66 oil refilling system with 2 contacts and 1 m of cable
  • M21/AF-125-F oil level monitoring with analogue level sensor, without measuring transducer, without additional level switch
  • M21/AF-125-F oil refilling system with analogue level sensor 10 mm, with measuring transducer, without additional level switch
  • M21/AF-125-I-90 with measuring transducer and MIN / MAX level switches

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