Knock Detect

Reliable protection of your engine against damage due to knocking combustion.

  • Can be used for diesel and gas engines as well as for dual fuel engines with max. 16 cylinders.
  • Requires a maximum of only four knock sensors.
  • No additional software required – visualization via your web browser.
  • Typical knock frequencies of many engines, e.g. MAN, LIEBHERR, MITSUBISHI, DEUTZ/MWM … are already stored in the device. Other engine types on request.

Additional motor types can be calibrated on request if the relevant parameters are adjusted accordingly.
Depending on the type of engine, you need one to a maximum of four knock sensors.
The trigger signal for the start of the ignition sequence takes place with the aid of a pulse that either comes from the ignition coil on cylinder 1 (gas engines) or from a sensor of the mechanical or electronic injection system (diesel and pilot engines).

Pre-assembled cables for triggering and to the knock sensors as well as special fastening bolts for the sensors simplify the installation.
No extra software is required. To parameterize the device and for diagnosis during operation, connect the KNOCK DETECT to the Ethernet interface of your computer. The user interface is displayed on the PC using the installed Internet browser.

The device has eight digital inputs, two of which are assigned fixed functions:
• “RUNNING” means that the motor runs synchronously with the mains.
• “50% LOAD” indicates that the power output is ≤ 50% of the nominal power.

There are also three digital outputs that signal the following to the CHP control system:
• KNOCK! – the engine knocks
• STOP – the machine must be shut down normally
• E-STOP! – EMERGENCY STOP required immediately!

The outputs can be freely configured and can also be combined.
All digital outputs are short-circuit proof. Each digital output can be loaded with 5 – 50 V DC / AC up to 100 mA. Four outputs each use a common return conductor.
Two digital outputs and an additional analog 0 – 20 mA output are available to adjust the ignition timing. These outputs can be set so that an output switches within a defined knock window (intensity, duration) and adjusts the ignition timing.
In addition, two further digital outputs and an analog 0 – 20 mA output for adjusting the motor power are integrated.

The KNOCK DETECT also has 2 digital interfaces with which all relevant data can be read and written:
• Device variant 1: RS232 and RS485 / Modbus
• Device variant 2: Profibus and CANopen

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