Annular gap mixer GMA30 – GMA49

Gas mixers are key elements of air/fuel ratio (AFR) control systems. They ensure that the required air/fuel ratio is maintained. The HEINZMANN GMA annular gap gas mixer covers the power output range from 100 to approx. 500 kW and is available in 3 sizes with different cross-sections.
Annular gap mixers for precise AFR control, suitable for different gas types (natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, propane gas). The optimised nozzle shape of the venturi minimises pressure losses and provides a homogeneous gas/air mixture across the entire speed and load range.
Suitable for gas engines in lean operation.

Housing type 1:
  • GMA 30 HZM:

    491-00-003-00, ∅ 42 mm + 30 mm Zeppelin

  • GMA 34 HZM:

    491-00-002-00, ∅ 42 mm + 25 mm Zeppelin

  • GMA 42 HZM:

    492-00-002-00, ∅ 42 mm

  • GMA 46 HZM:

    492-00-004-00, ∅ 46 mm

  • GMA 49 HZM:

    492-00-003-00, ∅ 49 mm

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