Seat & thread cleaner

ENSERV seat and thread cleaner is used to clean the threads and seats of spark plugs in one step. Available for 14×1.25 mm and 18×1.5mm thread in 2 different reachs and also for 7/8-18 UNS-2A thread.

To do this, move the piston of the cylinder you wish to work on to top dead centre on the operating stroke so that both valves are closed. A small amount of lubricating grease (ENSERV spark plug assembly paste) in the threads will prevent any detached residue from falling into the cylinder. Carefully screw in the tool until the spring is compressed. Then turn it back two or three turns and blow out any loose particles.
Afterwards remove the tool again.

  • Item no.


  • 21045-14

    M14 x 1,25mm, EFFECTIVE REACH UP TO 5/8“(.625)

  • 21045-14L (LONG)

    M14 x 1,25mm, EFFECTIVE REACH GREATER THAN 5/8“(.625)

  • 21045-18

    M18 X1.5mm, EFFECTIVE REACH UP TO 17/32”(.531)

  • 21045-18L, (LONG)

    M18 X1.5mm, EFFECTIVE REACH GREATER THAN 17/32”(.531)

  • 21045-875L (LONG)

    7/8-18 UNS-2A, EFFECTIVE REACH GREATER THAN 5/8“(.625)

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