Ceramic paste 89475-50g

89475-50g is a white, metal-free assembly paste. It reduces wear, offers reliable separation and excellentanti-corrosion protection.

Areas of use:
For lubrication of sliding surfaces of all types that are subjected to high loads, including screw, plug and bayonet type connections, for separation of thermally stressed threaded connections and as anti-corrosion protection on bolts, pins, fits and spindles, as well as many other applications.


  • prevents seizures due to heat or corrosion
  • protects against rust and friction corrosion
  • good pressure absorption capacity
  • highly resistant to chemicals and solvents
  • good sealing against corrosive gases and fluids
  • good resistance to water
  • protects against corrosion
  • good separating effect

Clean the surface and apply a thin film of ANTI-SEIZE completely to the threads and surfaces that will be under load. Wipe off any excess. Do not use in the same way as grease! Resistant to hot and cold water, as well as to most acids and alkalines.

Item no. 89475-50g

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