Accessories - Industrial spark plugs tools

Spark plug wrenches, sealing rings, spark plug cleaning set, spark plug connector grease

99067 Adjustment tool for 14mm spark plugs

Adjustment tool for all 14mm spark plugs with ground electrode ... Info »

99070 Spark plug adjustment tool for Federal Mogul FB 78 WPN (former BERU 18 GZ 44)

Re-adjustment of the spark plug gap would extend the lifetime of the plugs up to their wear limit. ... Info »

99068 Adjustment tool for Beru 18 GZ 46

Adjustment tool for Beru 18GZ46 with 0,35 mm adjusting pin ... Info »

99069 Adjustment tool for Beru 18 GZ 47

Adjustment tool for Beru 18GZ47 with 0,35 mm adjusting pin ... Info »

Spark plug cleaning set

Cleans any spark plug quickly and efficiently. This tool cleans the outer and inner electrodes as well as the area around the inner insulator during a blasting process. ... Info »

Spark plug sealing rings

Replacement sealing ring for spark plugs – available for 14 mm, 18 mm and 7/8" spark plugs. ... Info »

Ceramic paste 89475-50g

89475-50g is a white, metal-free assembly paste. It reduces wear, offers reliable separation and excellentanti-corrosion protection. ... Info »

Spark plug connector grease ZKF 01

Insulating grease prevents voltage arcs at the spark plug body and therefore misfirings. ... Info »

Seat & thread cleaner

ENSERV seat and thread cleaner is used to clean the threads and seats of spark plugs in one step. ... Info »

Spark plug wrenches

Spark plug wrenches with 3 magnets for a reliable hold of the spark plug, ideal for deep spark plug shafts. ... Info »

Spark plug wrench for pre-chamber spark plugs

Socket wrench with side slot, ideal for pre-chamber spark plugs with integrated cable ... Info »



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